Detox Slim Tea, 30 Tea Bags 人參靈芝排毒茶

Detox Slim Tea, 30 Tea Bags 人參靈芝排毒茶
Detox Slim Tea, 30 Tea Bags 人參靈芝排毒茶

Diet Secrets: the reasons causing obesity! 



Nutrition - eat more and eat better. Less energy consumption - were less engaged in manual work, exercise less. Intake of a large number of unhealthy (Variability) food - food containing poultry meat, livestock hormones long reminder (hormones), such a hormone in the breeding process, in order to accelerate the growth of a class in the feed contribute to the hormone.

In the cultivation of vegetables, fruits and cereals, the use of a large number of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers to increase production, resulting in contamination of agricultural products. Consumption of contaminated food causes allergies and risk of abnormal also many patients with obesity, obesity in the United States only one- third of the population to the total population. Obesity is induced diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases, one of the main.

1. Mechanism

In order to improve the body's immune system, eliminate cells accumulate in the body of toxins and waste, a senior Chinese Medicine Dr. Fan Xiuzhen decade repeated explorations and research. A "fill method to lose weight," the concept of health in accordance with the principles of the Cuban side - lost to transport and distribution, and processing traditional Chinese healing method, seeds from a variety of Kampo extract the essence of herbs. Its role is to prevent harm to human synthesis of bad cholesterol in the body to eliminate excess body fat formation principles. 

After years of taking personal and clinical use, developed a unique, different from the current general method of weight loss alone. Thin Ling has a "fill method downsizing" and "boost the immune stool from the body" characteristics, so that the excess accumulation of fat in the body into the body's energy, enhance immunity, and rid the body of the dross and toxins, to complement weight-loss method, physical the role of physical fitness.

2. Features

According to grain raising five internal organs, spleen dampness fat method. The product is characterized by the "weight-loss supplement law", the people lose excess body fat through the operation of the role of cloth turned into the human body needs energy and essential nutrients. Already obese can achieve weight-loss treatment, non-overweight persons after taking the role of the prevention of obesity, where he had been ill for treating disease, the majority of users. prevention and treatment of high blood pressure, high blood sugar caused by cardiovascular disease.

3. Product Safety

No pesticides from natural selection made no fertilizer plants, non-toxic no side effects. It is the main ingredient is the seed of a variety of Kampo herbs, all by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations for safety and toxicity.

4. Reliability

The product was first in California, "economic good medicine," introduced in clinical use for many years and is widely welcomed by patients and doctors agree that the majority of practitioners of Chinese medicine, the effect is reliable. The product is currently sold in the U.S. market and expand into Korea, Australia, the Hong Kong and other markets.

5. Product Efficacy

Most people take 7 days to find weight loss, some people take 2-5 days can feel the body changes. Because the product contains natural red pigment, red stool is normal. Usually mild obesity to be a course that is 3 months to achieve normal. weight loss per month 4 - 5 pounds, the weight loss, the most stable; and with the use of Lingzhi Detox Tea better. stop using the weight will not bounce.

6. Usage

Every morning and evening meal taking orally with warm or cold water. Prevention: take 3 capsules daily before dinner.
Treatment: three times a day, take 3 capsules each meal. (After you open the bottle placed in the shade, or stored in the refrigerator.)

7. Suitable for

This product is suitable for all ages, obesity, eating the food to the user without any taboos, only requires the user to follow a dietary law: after 5 o'clock in the evening (6 pm daylight saving time) can not eat starchy rice, pasta, pastries , sweets and alcohol; but you can use a small amount of meat, eggs, tofu and vegetables, so that you develop good eating habits.

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