10 Reasons to Use Natural Mi Ya Hair Coloring

Posted by Best Everday Living on January 21, 2012 (2 Comments)

    10 Reasons to Use Natural Mi Ya Hair Coloring

    1.      Natural Mi Ya leaves your hair thoroughly refreshed and hydrated with essences extracted from natural ingredients through nanotechnology.

    2.      It uses cutting-edge technology that quickly opens up the hair cuticles allowing for faster absorption of the hair colorant and vital nutrients.

    3.      Its plant-based water-soluble ingredients naturally nourish your hair and scalp and let your hair soft after coloring.

    4.      It is a one-step wash, color and deep conditioning treatment.

    5.      It contains ginseng flavor without chemical odor.

    6.      It dyes only your hair, not your scalp, or anywhere else.

    7.      It passed SGS test. All Ingredients get government permission.

    8.      It has zero heavy metals, no ammonia, and no cancer-causing material.

    9.      It’s super easy to use! Only 10 minutes! 

    10.  The conventional hair coloring products are chemical overlay hair cream. Through bleaching and corrosion, coloring and sealing hair like paint, hair color looks bright and stays long. But due to bleach and isolation form the environment, it will leave your hair dye, brittle and damaged.

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My hair is being to thin a little and know that naurtal is best. Tired it last year but got fed up after while, with the process. It is just above my shoulder and would prefer not cutting my hair. My sister told me to twist it after washing, however since never being the type of girl to do my own hair, wasn’t able. Would like to be naurtal, however naurtal hair isn’t very straight. What is the best style for hair besides; naurtal; that will not cause breakage, hair to thin, more stress? Since sweat a lot in my head at night need a style, that when get up in the morning my hair isn’t nappy, and able to go and exercise without worring. What is the best style for hair besides naurtal? Braids Press, or Relaxers, and since on a budget cannot always get the a professional, and must professionals have meet always want to relex my hair. Please help.

Posted by Bruno on September 11, 2012

Of all the hair coloring products, I finally found this product—very effective coloring to the root of hair plus no chemicals to harm my hair.

Posted by Jenny Shih on August 08, 2012

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